Sunday, September 26, 2004

Chicago Botanic Garden: Late Summer, Early Fall

The Rose In... Fall

We went to the Chicago Botanic Garden again yesterday to catch the last of the late summer flowers. There's a touch of fall in the air already as there are dried fallen leaves crushed to dust in the parking lot, so the scent of autumn rises up with every step. The roses were at their peak, and there were huge clumps of bushy asters and big yellow Black-Eyed Susans. Also, lots of water lilies, only just beginning to fade, and in the bulb garden area the zinnias and dahlias were like huge flaming torches.

The title link will take you to my Botanic Garden photo album, where I've just re-worked things so there's a Winter, Spring, Late Summer gallery. I think I've got some more photos stashed from other visits in various areas of my drive(s) so as I fix them up, more galleries will be added.

I'm also hoping to add a couple of personal galleries for church photos, which are currently scattered all over and hard to find for my website activities, and another one for just plain wacky photos that can't be categorized.

Please enjoy.

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