Friday, November 19, 2004

Incredible Hulk Sighted

Heh. Psyche. I brought in the new Rebel and took pictures on Halloween to see how it behaved indoors, with flash, photographing people. I have a lot to learn, but I did get a kick out of spotting subjects and taking a quick photo (in this case, a very small and gun-shy Incredible Hulk). The adults are mostly people on my team, but Dorothy and the inimitable Mary Poppins are sales reps who stopped by with treats.

The tacky tourist is my team leader. We all think she needs to get out more. ;)

Most years our office goes all out for Halloween extravaganzas, with singing, dancing, scripts, jazz hands, the works. Not this year, though. So I sort of dressed up as a "Harry Potter" type witch in haphazard Muggle mufti, because I have a long black velvet duster and other odds and ends of crafty looking clothes.

I'm not usually one for noticing children, but took pictures of the ones that came by. I did enjoy trying to capture the elusive Hulk on camera - with my old camera this would have been totally blurred and useless. In other words, what we call an "action shot." I put the pictures on a photo gallery that I'll use for work-related photos so people could see how they looked.

I'd have to say that "Leatherface" had a truly scary outfit - if he'd gone out after dark he would have freaked a few people out.

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