Friday, August 19, 2005

Zen and the Art of Hello, Picasa, and Blogger.

Okay, new laptop computer, and I'm tinkering with layout and so on from Hello, after installing Hello and Picasa (Google products both of them). Then things are going to get even wiggier when I send stuff from Flickr...

One of the things that I never figured out before was how to get a simple line break in these posts from Hello's "Bloggerbot" image-sharing chat doohickey that sends posts to Blogger (to update this site, for example).

Apparently, it was too simple: I have to insert a
tag. A format that is deprecated by finer web gods everywhere. Silly of me not to think of it, since I'd noticed Blogger does some rather odd things with its code.

However, multiple images is easy: just add a || double pipe at the end of each caption, hit "enter", and the image is "queued." Do it several times, adding a new picture for each, and then hit "publish" when ready.

And there you have it. Multiple images and multiple paragraphs. It was driving me nuts because I'd have to open Blogger just to edit a big block of text into more reasonable paras.

So why didn't they make a simple "paragraph/queue image" button, instead of hiding this keyboard shortcut deep in a user help forum buried in Googlegroups? Don't know; I'm just happy to have figured it out.

And now, I shall contemplate the Zen of it. Posted by Picasa

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