Monday, May 28, 2007

Clematic Event


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Title: Clematic Event

By: GinnyRED57

Originally uploaded: 28 May '07, 9.19pm CDT PST

I'm a terrible gardner - neglectful and unmotivated - but somehow the three small clematis plants I stuck in the ground last year made it through the winter and are growing all over the inexpensive vinyl trellises I stuck in with them.

Frankly, I'm amazed they survived - last year was a hot one and I wasn't good about watering them consistently. And I'm totally astounded that this one put out this huge purple flower.

Clematic Event

Originally uploaded by GinnyRED57.

I got a lot done today - mulched, composted, planted a couple of pepper plants and some strawberries, dug all the ingrown grass out of the "kitty garden, and planted new coral bells and catnip there.

And then David dug a hole and went and got Stuey's little "tea caddy" that his ashes were in and we put the little tissue-wrapped packet of ashes in... yes, got a little choked up as we dropped fresh dirt in, and then replaced the little "birdwatching" cat statue over the place.

There was no early start, and I had to take a couple of breaks when it got too warm, but I only have one more bed that needs mulch, and as it happens I've got one more bag of mulch for it. Hurrah.

David got up and cleaned out gutters, but left the orange 5 gallon bucket on the roof, prompting a "Mah bucket iz on teh roof!" moment.

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Linda McMillan said...

That's a pretty nice flower. You know, given your effort.