Thursday, April 28, 2005

Holy Innocents T-Shirts and Stuff

Yep, I'm probably going to hell for this: I've started a store on Cafe Press.


Holy Innocents Red w/Lilies (white)

What do you think of them lilies, er, apples? I already bought the tote for myself so I can haul church-related crap and junk and files and music around with me.

More designs to follow - we're doing a classic car show in July, and I wanted people that are volunteering for it a chance to buy T-shirts to wear for the event and other projects or work parties we do.

I may have to move the one "joke" T-shirt to a different store, but I wanted at least one funny one on there. We'll see.

Coming soon - more general T-shirts and stuff with an Episcopalian motif. Such as "Pet me, I'm Episcopawlian" for a dog shirt. And more bad joke hilarity ensues.

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