Friday, April 01, 2005

Welcome Back Dr. Banner

In a miraculous development, Dr. Bruce Banner has emerged from a persistent vegetable state. Dr. Banner suffers from a variant of Oppositional Defiant Syndrome called "tantrumoid broccoline giantitis."

He is currently resting comfortably, but there is no telling how long he will be in remission. He might want to look into filing a Living Green Will so that his wishes are followed by his caregiver. It should be very simply formatted as the caregiver speaks only very limited English:

Hulk's Do List!

  1. Throw out pizza boxes ALL the way out in the garbage.

  2. Do laundry sometimes. Yes, fold it too!

  3. Open birthday cards.

  4. Smash responsibly.

Hulk's Do Not Do List!

  1. Do not let Thor get to you. Just ignore him and his stupid hair.

  2. Do not get mad. Count to 10. Okay count to 3 its faster.

  3. Do not throw out bills. Forward to stupid Jarvis.

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