Saturday, July 23, 2005

We were accidental tourists that day in May... first to arrive after the accident occured, called emergency services, found people who had first aid experience, and tried to keep the two kids that were in this car calm. The driver had a few cuts, his friend had to be cut out. He got off with only a broken leg. The driver of the other car (a truck) looked fine, but eventually a doctor that happened by was drafted to get him into a neck collar and keep him calm before they could all be transported. There's a nurse under the white blanket, keeping a blood pressure cuff on the young man, because we had no idea if he was bleeding (internally or externally). The passenger door was bent in a sharp "V," pinning him in his seat and making it impossible to tell how bad his injuries were. It took an hour for them to get him out and on his way to the nearest hospital, which fortunately wasn't as far away as Seattle... but then, it was still half an hour away. Posted by Picasa

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